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top job 2014 WINNERS.001
NOMMA Top Job awards 2014:
GOLD Exterior Railings & Fences – Nonforged
SILVER Interior Railings - Ferrous, Nonforged




Iron Punched bar cage -photo property of Alexander Wang
Punched bar cage for clothing store in Manhattan.
Photo Property of Vogue & Alexander Wang



Iron Table
NOMMA award for Custom wrought iron, bronze and brass foyer/entertainment table

NOMMA award won for Organic Foyer Table

Bonze Place




Fabricator Magazine - Organic style Wrought Iron Railing in Connecticut
Article in Fabricator Magazine

Custom forged organic handrail. Falling Hammer found several ways to keep their customers' price tag down while keeping the high-end quality up.

Custom wrought iron railings, furniture and home décor located in Connecticut


**Unfortunately, for health reasons, we have closed our books to ironwork orders for the foreseeable future. We are still continuing with our classes and custom cutlery work (which can be found here), but we are not currently accepting ironwork orders beyond those which are already contracted. I hope you are able to find another reputable ironwork company to take care of this for you.**


At Falling Hammer Productions, LLC, we feel that metalwork is both a craft and an art, and we pay equal attention to both the aesthetic and technical aspects of every design. Making a beautiful railing is worthless unless the proper fabrication techniques have been used in construction. Not only are there structural and code requirements to consider, but also the quality and appearance of any welds, joints, and applied finishes. At FHP we do not “slap things together” as is the case with so many metalwork shops; our work is our reputation, and we feel that both should be as perfect as possible. Our goal is to bring out the full aesthetic and structural potential of even the simplest designs, feeling that value is more important than price.


wrought iron exterior railing in Connecticut

FHP is a small company; the three owners are also the three metalsmiths who create all of our work from scratch. By maintaining a small shop we have also been able to maintain a very high level of quality in all of our work. The three owners have between them more than 45 years of experience in various aspects of metalwork and every day we are expanding our knowledge and tooling in order to bring new finishes and designs to our customers. FHP has extensive experience forging and fabricating a wide variety of metals both ferrous and non-ferrous, but our focus is on steel, stainless steel, and copper alloys such as bronze. We can hot-forge solid steel up to 4” in diameter, use repousse and chasing techniques to make flowers from copper sheet, or create life-like oak trees from simple bar stock. In short, our shop can make your design ideas a reality.



Organic Railing - Wow, it looks beautiful. I am amazed at how nice it looks with the house. Thank you so much for adding such a wonderful detail to our house...not to mention making it safe for winter. I really like the work you all did and will recommend you to others.

-Stacey, Fairfield

(This is not Stacey's house, but this is the railing design she had installed. -FHP)


Fireplace Grate - I absolutely love my custom-built fireplace grate. We have a large fireplace and needed something that could efficiently utilize the space and I wanted something that would look attractive even when there was no fire. Matt was able to design a lovely organic branchy grate that he personally delivered. We love it, our friends love it and visitors are impressed with it's beauty. Thank you Falling Hammer!

- Dawn & Harry, Middletown


Organic Handrail - We absolutely love [our railings]!! Thanks for all your help on this.
- Jane, South Kent


French Country bellybar - We are completely satisfied with our railings, Thank you!
- Doug, Gales Ferry

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