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Although there are a wide variety of components and pre-fabricated parts on the market already, most suffer from one or more of the following problems: looks just like everything else on the market, poor quality control, inconsistent sizing, poor finish quality, doesn't meet code, or is simply not what the customer wants. Almost any design can be produced in a wide variety of metals including, but not limited too, steel, stainless steel, bronze and copper.


If you are interested in purchasing components or have questions, please contact us by phone, email, or the contact form.


- Pressed VI -

Price: $3 each + S/H Each component is a single 9" length of 3/8" x 3/4" flat bar pressed hot between custom dies

Pressure VI Pressed VI Pressed VI
Pressed VI Pressed VI Pressed VI

- Organic Forging -

Please inquire about pricing

Forged Iron Acorn Forged Iron Rose Forged Iron Leaf
Forged Oak Leaf Iron Flower Organic Forged Oval & Leaf



- "S" Scroll -

Can be produced in a wide variety of styles, including:: "fish-tail" scrolls, multi-turn scrolls, and "penny" scrolls

"S" Scroll Forged "S" Scroll

- "C" Scroll -

Price: $9 each + S/H. 4-1/2" OD circle, which can be used in almost any orientation without needing to readjust the overall spacing

"C" Scroll Iron Scroll



- Danbury Components -

clockwise from upper-left

1 & 2) Samples of different collaring ideas for a railing

3 & 4) Balusters were designed to mount to the side of the stairs and the semi-circular offsets bring the balusters around the nose of the tread

Iron Knot Iron Knot
Iron railing component Iron Work

- Texture & Paint Finishes -

clockwise from upper-left

1 & 2) Samples of forged textures on stainless steel plates.

3) Faux-rust paint finish applied to an existing table to give a Tuscan flair. Original table color was bright red.

4) A custom-mixed laquer to create a subtle metallic finish.

Iron Finish Iron work
Forged Copper Leaf & Grapes Iron work



- Bronze -

4) Bronze Grille: Created for a charity auction. Similar designs can be used as light covers, vent covers or a simple wall hanging.

Forged Brone Railing Forged Brass Railing
Bronze Railing Forged Bronze Grille

- Ovals -



Forged Iron Ovals Forged Iron Ovals Forged Iron Ovals
Iron Forged Ovals Forged Iron Ovals Forged Iron Oval



- Drawer Pulls & Lockset -

Developed on the ends of 3/4" square bar, so the final dimensions are approximately 1" square

Iron Drawer Pull Iron Drawer Pull Forged Iron Lock set

- Vent Covers & Wall Hangings -

1) Vent cover - One side = 10"

2) Waxed finish

Iron Spiral Iron Vent Cover