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Class Information

We are currently offering both Full Day and Half Day Tutorials for those who are interested in coming down to our shop and learning more about the crafts that we practice. We offer tutorials in Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing, Swordsmithing, Armoring, and Light Fabrication. Our shop is well equipped, and all three smiths are very knowledgeable.

Tutorials can be for either one or two people, and they can be aimed at a fairly broad topic, such as Bladesmithing; a narrower topic, such as forging a double-edged blade; or a very specific topic, such as assistance with building a particular knife. Unlike taking a class at a craft school, a tutorial is designed around what you want to learn rather than what the instructor wants to cover for everyone in the class. With that said, the skills of metalworking must be learned in a certain order, so it may be that you will need to take a series of tutorials in order to achieve your final goal.

Our tutorials are fully hands-on, so you should expect to get dirty, get blisters, and possibly get a few mild burns. Experience working with your hands is a plus, but many a carpenter has discovered that there is a vast difference between driving nails and hammering iron. You will be working one-on-one with the smith whose area of expertise most closely matches what you are seeking to learn, so expect to find out far more than you ever wanted to know about the subject. Half Day Tutorials run for three hours of working time, and Full Day Tutorials run for six hours of working time with a break in the middle for lunch or other snack/meal depending on timing.


3hr Half Day Tutorial: $150 for one person, $225 for two people
6hr Full Day Tutorial: $300 for one person, $450 for two people
A materials fee will also be assessed based on the materials actually used.


Please give at least 24 hours notice for cancellations or we will still charge you for half of the cost of your lesson.

On-Site and In-Shop Demonstrations

The smiths from Falling Hammer Productions, LLC are also available for demonstrations of various techniques either in our shop or at the site of your choosing. We have done historically accurate demos at various fairs throughout the Northeast, including the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, the Topsfield Fair, the Marshfield Fair, and the Maine Arts Festival. We have also done demos at both primary and secondary schools around Connecticut.

For obvious reasons, on site demos are often somewhat limited in scope, with basic education about the historical aspects of blacksmithing and/or bladesmithing typically being the focus. Demonstrations in our shop are limited only by our skills and equipment, and thus can cover a much broader range of topics. Examples of in-shop demos include: forging stainless steel into traditional ironwork forms, traditional Japanese heat treating, and how to forge detailed animal heads.

How many people can attend an on site demo is limited only by the venue, while demos in our shop are limited to about 20 people. Pricing depends on various factors including insurance, travel time, and what is being demonstrated. Contact us with your proposal and we will work out the details with you.