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Meet the Blacksmiths of Falling Hammer Productions, llc


The Thee Owners of Falling Hammer Productions, LLC

To the right is an image of the three blacksmiths and owners of Falling Hammer Productions, LLC - this image was taken at Matt's wedding. The company was founded in 2005 after Peter realized he had more work than one man (and his apprentice) could handle. He asked Matt to join them at the shop in Oakville and ever since, the three have been working together to make Falling Hammer Productions a success.


Peter Swarz-Burt started blacksmithing in 1991 after he built his very first forge in his parents' backyard. In the years that followed, Peter worked for a while with Andrew Leck (Scottish Lion) of Found Pond, Maine and Peter Brown (Iron and Silk Gallery) in Edgecomb, Maine to learn more skills to become a successful blacksmith. During this time he founded his first company, Dragon's Breath Forge, which specialized in small ironwork and exotic weaponry. In 1999 Peter brought his business to CT, and set up shop in Oakville, which is where the business currently resides. Dragon's Breath Forge, while still around, is not it's own business; after Falling Hammer was founded, the owners decided to split the business, housing medieval recreations and weaponry in the Dragon's Breath business, and keeping Falling Hammer for home improvement style items such as railings, gates and furniture.


Matthew Parkinson became interested in blacksmithing when, as a child, his parents took him to Old Saybrook where he got his first glimpse of a real blacksmith. From then on he studied all he could about forging, built his own forge and began to work on his own. In the yearly 2000's, Matt decided to take a class at Brookfield Craft Center, the art center where he's now an instructor, and met Peter who was teaching the class. Although Matt is very proficient in blacksmithing, and also bladesmithing, he continues to learn from a number of other sources including books, classes and even his peers. He has gone on to study, in depth, the Viking style weaponry in attempts to learn more about their process and recreate the beautiful blades they once made.


Jamie Lundell graduated from Wheaton College in 2002 with a BA in Studio Art and a minor in Technical Theater. In 2000, over summer vacation, Jamie decided to take a class in fine metal working at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. There, he realized that he greatly enjoyed working in metal and manipulating different metals to get the desired result, he contacted Peter to find out about an apprenticeship and Peter agreed to let Jamie work with him a few times a week in the shop. As Jamie puts it, "through a bit of nagging I managed to convince Peter to keep me on and we've become good friends over the years." Jamie also participates in SCA medieval style fighting, has created his own swords for such events, as well as armor, helmets and shields. Recently he's learned to shoe horses, and is interested in starting a line of products made from the shoes that are taken off the horses. So far he's created decorations, hooks, shelf brackets and rings made from the nails used.