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Modern Wrought Iron Railings

Railings on this page are of a more contemporary or modern design

Listed prices reflect straight railing unless otherwise stated. Railings requiring curves, sweeps or embellishments will be priced separately.



Gales Ferry

Price: $130 per linear foot

West Harford

Full belly bar railing: $250 L/F

Scroll handrailing: $175 L/F

Woodbridge Arts & Crafts Railing

Price: $165 per linear ft

Ovals Interior

Price: $250 per linear ft
Plus Installation


With off-sets, rivets, and collars. Similar design without these items would be at a lower price

Glenrock Railing

Boston Bronze

Price: $265 per linear ft


$165/LF for the railing
$100/LF for bronze caprail

Middletown Railing

Price: $175 per linear ft